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Families and friends of Louisiana’s incarcerated children

Grantee highlight

Families and Friends of Louisiana’s Incarcerated Children (FFLIC) is a statewide, membership-based, parent-led organization committed to abolishing the school-to-prison pipeline and reforming the juvenile justice system through the strategies of (1) policy advocacy and grassroots organizing and (2) by developing parent leaders to serve as empowered change agents in their communities. Our mission, as established by the parents and grandparents of such children who founded and continue to lead FFLIC, is to reinvest resources out of punishment and into schools worthy of our children. FFLIC was formed in 2000 when a few parents met to share stories of outrage and fear and to support one another in advocating for our children who were entrapped in Louisiana’s brutal and ineffective juvenile justice system. Parents wanted more than the reform envisioned by the lawsuits that had been filed. Building a movement to end the brutality our children were experiencing was the most effective way to demand reform of the juvenile justice system and thus FFLIC was born.

Over the past 15 years, FFLIC has worked to ensure equal life opportunities for all our children, particularly those most at risk of being criminalized and tracked into the juvenile justice system from schools that fail them. FFLIC currently has 3 program areas: Transformative Leadership Development where we provide training for families, youth, and community members giving them the tools necessary to successfully advocate for ALL children and to develop campaigns that will transform the oppressive juvenile justice and education systems; Education Reform where we help parents navigate the education system before children are suspended from school by ensuring due process and seeking alternatives to suspensions and expulsions; and Juvenile Justice Reform where we help parents navigate the juvenile justice system before children are incarcerated by pushing for quality representation and/or alternatives to detention ensuring children receive rehabilitative treatment and necessary re-entry plans after incarceration. The community impact as a result of our work are transformed parents, children, and families who are able to use their collective power to dismantle broken and oppressive systems and build systems based on principles of racial justice, human rights and self-determined democratic participation pressing government to be a fair partner in reform efforts; and a shift in the public, school officials’, and policymakers opinions from a punitive to a positive way of thinking about school discipline resulting in a reduction in the number of youth suspended, expelled, and/or pushed into the prison pipeline.

Alliance for Appalachia

Grantee highlight

The Alliance for Appalachia is a regional coalition with the goals of ending a devastating form of coal mining called mountaintop removal, putting a halt to destructive coal technologies and supporting a sustainable and just economy in Appalachia. We are a coalition of 14 member organizations from the mountains of WV, VA, KY, and TN. The Alliance for Appalachia envisions a world in which residents of mountain communities are able to determine the futures of its communities; where political discourse is public, is welcomed, is impactful, and is free of corporate interests. The Alliance envisions a world in which all people have access to clean water, clean air, and a healthy land base–and a world in which these resources are owned and shared locally. The Alliance envisions a world in which successful development is measured by the degree to which local economies are robust and lasting, and in which diversity, collaboration, safe working conditions and self-empowerment are pillars of those economies.

The legacy costs of more than a century of coal mining in our region has left an enormous burden of toxic water, destroyed land and hidden dangers that could inhibit our region’s ability to grow and transition, if they are not addressed. Addressing the legacy impacts of coal mining as we build a new future for the region is a focus of our Economic Transition Committee. One aspect of this work is our Abandoned Mine Land (AML) campaign, which builds on our participatory research process and seeks to address ways the AML fund could be used to improve our land and develop our economy. We a currently working on information sharing around POWER+, POWER Initiative and other federal funding sources for investment in Just transition in our region. Our Federal Strategy team works to amplify regional voices in federal regulation and enforcement activities. As the landscape changes and coal companies file for debt-reorganization (Chapter 11 Bankruptcy), we work to amplify power built locally to Protect Our Water and Reclaim Our Future!